The instructions in this document are for enabling compatibility view in Internet Explorer 11. Following these instructions enables the web browser to properly work with Knowledge Link.

Step 1:
Login to

Login screen

Step 2:
Click the gear icon shown by the green arrow.
Pointer to gear icon



Step 3:
Find "Compatibility View Settings" and click it.

Pointer to Compatibility settings


Step 4:
The window pictured should pop up. When it does make sure it says "" in the field next to the "Add" button. When you have verified that this says "", click “Add”.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have the ability to add a website in this step, then compatibility mode has been set up by your system administrator. If you are still experiencing issues accessing Knowledge Link courses, please contact the Health System Service Desk (UPHS users) or your Local Support Provider (University users) and state that you cannot update IE 11 settings.

Compatibility Dialog Window

Step 5:

The site "" should appear under “Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View:” and you can now click close. The browser will then reload the Knowledge Link website.

final result