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A Note About Mobile Devices:

At present it is not advisable to use a mobile or tablet device to complete courses in Knowledge Link. Courses not explicitly designed for mobile devices may not run properly or record completion results.

Web Browser:

You must use one of the following browsers for Knowledge Link. No other browsers are guaranteed to work, but may still function.

Suggested Browser Download Links
If you are not able to download/install, please contact your Service Desk.
Google Chrome latest version Download UPHS configuration instructions
Microsoft Edge latest version

To update Edge, use Windows Update.

UPHS configuration instructions
Internet Explorer version 11 This browser will be phased out in 2020. Please use MS Edge or Chrome, if possible. UPHS configuration instructions Configuration instructions are only for those that cannot use Edge or Chrome.
Mozilla Firefox latest version Download the latest Firefox  
Apple Safari latest version To update Safari, use Apple Software update  

**You may need to contact your desktop support provider to update your web browser**

Adobe Flash Player:

You are required to have Adobe Flash Player version 10.3 or higher to use Knowledge Link.
We recommend always keeping your Flash version up-to-date.

Download the latest Adobe Flash Player

**You may need to contact your desktop support provider to update your flash plug-in**

Note: Flash support is ending in 2020. Some courses may continue to require Flash. We are working with our content developers to remove Flash content.

Other Requirements:

To use Knowledge Link your Pop-Ups must be allowed

Instructions on how to allow Pop-Ups (all browsers)