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Knowledge Link Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I can't login to Knowledge Link with my PennKey. Help?

  2. You must have a PennKey to log into Knowledge Link. You can test your PennKey and reset your password if necessary at the University PennKey Support Site. For UPHS PennKey issues, see UPHS PennKey Support Site.

    In general, a Knowledge Link account is created approximately 24 hours after an individual's PennKey becomes active, as long as the person has an affiliation type that is eligible for Knowledge Link. (See this list of included/excluded affiliations.) This covers most people at UPHS and the University, including full or part time faculty, staff and students, temporary staff, visiting scholars, service providers, and courtesy appointments. Check with your business administrator if you do not automatically get access to Knowledge Link when you attempt to login with your working PennKey and password.

    Using your PennKey and password will autoactivate your access to Knowledge Link if you are a student or have an auxiliary affiliation. Your supervisor will NOT be able to assign you any training until you have autoactivated by signing in. Taking the Penn Profiler will assign you any training that is required by your job tasks.

    Once the KL account is created, users will have access to optional training but may not see specific required courses until they take the Penn Profiler survey. Penn Profiler accounts are created 2-3 days after a user becomes active in Knowledge Link for any user who is active in the University payroll system, including temporary workers. However, students and courtesy appointments who are not paid, and individuals with only UPHS affiliation (not University), will not usually be selected for Penn Profiler.

    If you cannot log in to Knowledge Link after a day or two of having an active PennKey, or can log in but don't see Penn Profiler or any required training you need on your list, please submit an electronic support request to the Knowledge Link Helpdesk for assistance. Please include your Penn ID number so the support team can check affiliations and get you set up with the correct access.

  3. I can't see my courses. It says "Validation Error" or "SAML response". What do I do?

  4. This is most likely an internet browser error. You can get around this by switching browsers or temporarily adjusting your browser settings. Please see our help page on this for Chrome and Safari fixes.

  5. I can log in, but I can't access the training I need to complete. Help?

  6. In order for you to enroll in a Knowledge Link course, it must be assigned to you as required and/or located in a catalog that is visible to you. Many required courses are assigned based on information gathered by the Penn Profiler survey and should automatically appear on your Learning Plan screen two hours after you complete the survey. Other courses are available to certain individuals, departments, schools or centers through separate catalogs.

    If you are searching for a particular course and cannot find and/or enroll in it, please contact the appropriate University training department or course owner to see if it is assigned to you.

  7. What are the technical requirements for Knowledge Link?

  8. Knowledge Link is supported on the following computing platforms:
    • Computer: Windows Vista or later, Mac OS X Mavericks(10.9) or later
    • Browser: Firefox latest version, Google Chrome latest version, Microsoft Edge latest version, and Safari 9 or later
    • Browser Plugins:
    For Web-Based Training:
    • All Pop-up Blockers must be disabled in order to launch online training modules. Check your browser and tool bar settings to be sure that pop-up windows are allowed from the Knowledge Link site.
    • Recommended Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
    • For best results: minimize the number of other browser windows/tabs and open applications while you complete your web-based training. Maintaining multiple open windows and/or running many applications at once can dramatically increase competition for system memory, and contribute to the crashing or freezing of courses.

  9. What's the difference between Required and Optional training?

  10. Training is assigned as Required to an individual or unit based on various regulatory, compliance and administrative needs of the University. Required training may need to be completed just once, or may need to be renewed periodically, depending on regulations. Training will appear on your Learning Plan immediately when it is assigned to you. Once you have completed your required courses, they will be listed as complete in your Completed Work. For courses due on a repeating basis, the course title link will remain on your Learning Plan near the bottom of the list of courses, which is arranged by due date. As the new due date approaches, the course title will move up your To-Do List. It is important that you complete required training. Supervisors can run reports on training compliance. Access to some systems and services may be denied until training is complete.

    Many training courses are also available as Optional for you to self-enroll or self-assign. You can search or browse for available optional training in the Knowledge Link Catalog. If you complete one of these self-assigned, optional courses and are then later assigned the course as required within a curriculum, the system will check your Completed Work and give you credit for the required item so that you don't have to do it again.

  11. How do I register for training courses?

  12. For classroom-based courses, once you have located the course on your Learning Plan, click REGISTER NOW next to the course title. You will then be presented with a registration screen to request the various dates and times of the scheduled training. After you register for the date and time you want, you will receive a confirmation email from Knowledge Link. For online courses, you are considered as "registered" once the course has been assigned to you. Simply launch the course by clicking START COURSE next to the course title on your Learning Plan.

  13. What email notification(s) will I receive about my training?

  14. When you register for a classroom-based or online training course through Knowledge Link, you will receive a confirmation email indicating your status (enrolled or waitlisted, if applicable). If you withdraw from a course, you will also receive a notification. For classroom-based training, you may also receive additional reminders about the upcoming class session(s), at the discretion of the course instructor.

    Knowledge Link will also send out reminder notices about upcoming or overdue required training assignments on your Learning Plan. Notices will also be sent out for any changes in your Learning Plan. It is recommended that you check your Knowledge Link account periodically to see if you have any outstanding training obligations.

    It is important to know that if your email address is not listed in the online Penn Directory, you will NOT receive email notifications from Knowledge Link. To add your Penn email address to the directory, go to and click on “Update Directory Listings." You have the option to make your email visible only to the Penn Community if you wish.

  15. How will I know if I have successfully completed training?

  16. WEB-BASED TRAINING: The course(s) will appear on your Learning Plan when you first register for or launch a web-based course. Until you reach the end of the training to complete the course, it will remain on your Learning Plan. You can "save and exit" the training and resume it later by clicking CONTINUE COURSE next to the course title. Once you complete the course, it will disappear from your Learning Plan (if it is not required on a repeating basis). It will then appear as "complete" in your Completed Work (accessed via the History tile). If it is required on a repeating basis, it will drop down to the bottom of your To-Do List in the Learning Plan and gradually rise up as its new due date approaches. A printable Certificate of Completion will be available in your Completed Work. If you have completed an online module but it is still listed as incomplete in your training record, read this.

    CLASSROOM TRAINING: When you register for an Instructor-Led (classroom) training, an entry is created on your Learning Plan screen. Once you have attended the training, the instructor will give you credit for the course, and it will appear as "complete" in your Completed Work. A printable Certificate of Completion will be available in your Completed Work. You may also be notified by email when credit is given.

  17. How can I print my Certificate of Completion in Knowledge Link?

  18. When you complete an online or Instructor-Led(classroom) training, you will see the course listed as "complete" in your Knowledge Link Completed Work screen. Hover your cursor over the title of the completed course and click on the "Print Certificate" link in the pop-up.

  19. I manage training that I would like to offer through Knowledge Link. Who should I contact?

  20. Contact to find out how to offer your University training courses through Knowledge Link.

  21. Can I register for a course myself or do I have to have it assigned as a requirement?

  22. You can self-register for any of the courses that you see in your Catalog. These courses will be listed as optional with no due dates, and you can complete them normally. The completion will be recorded in your Completed Work , and since the course is optional with no periodicity, it will disappear from your Learning Plan. You can also withdraw from any course that you assigned to yourself.

    If, later on, you are assigned that course as part of a required curriculum, Knowledge Link will check your Completed Work, recognize that you have done the course already, and consider the requirement fulfilled. If there is periodicity linked to the course (e.g. annually required), the course will remain on your Learning Plan but drop towards the bottom of the list. This date will be calculated from your date of completion, so if you completed it 6 months ago, you will need to re-do it in 6 months.

  23. I think the wrong courses have been assigned to me. What should I do?

  24. If you have courses assigned to you that are not relevant to your work, please submit an electronic support request to the Knowledge Link Helpdesk which will be automatically directed to the appropriate course owner. The course owner can then remove the assignment from your list in Knowledge Link, if appropriate. Often you will need confirmation from your supervisor that the courses are not necessary.

  25. I need a list of all my completed courses in Knowledge Link. How can I get that?

  26. 1. Click on the Learning Reports link in the Links tile

    2. Click the PLUS sign next to Learning History to expand the listings

    a. Click the Learning History link to generate an html listing

    b. Click Learning History (CSV)  to generate a csv file to download to MS Excel

    3. Enter parameter information

    a. Leave the dates open if you want ALL courses

    b. Select the Detail radio button

    c. Select the Both radio button to include both item and external events

    d. Select No re printing comments (unless you want them included!)

    4. Click Run Report button on the far right

    5. WAIT patiently as it takes a while!

    6. Select either Open or Save when/if you see a dialog box about downloading the file to Excel.

Course Catalog/Search:

  1. How can I see *all* courses available to me in Knowledge Link?

  2. To see all courses available to you in the Knowledge Link catalog, simply click the Browse all courses link in the Find Learning tile. The results table will display all courses that are available to you.

  3. How can I find the specific course I need in Knowledge Link?

  4. Required training that is Soon Due or Overdue will be listed on your Learning Plan in Knowledge Link if ...
    • you have not yet completed the training
    • you have completed the training in the past, but it requires renewal

    Search the KNOWLEDGE LINK COURSE CATALOG (Required and Optional Courses)

    Simple Course Search

    Enter a search term (all or part of the course name, description or keyword) into the search box in the Find Learning tile. Then click the Go button.

    Simple Search Tips
    • to see all courses available to you in Knowledge Link, click the Browse all courses link
    • to match an exact phrase or title, enclose your search terms in "double quotes" [Examples: "laboratory safety", "Chart of Accounts"]
    • (search is case insensitive)

    Advanced Search

    Click the Browse all courses link. Choose one or more options from the left side of the screen:
    • enter a search term (part of the course name, description or keyword) into the Search Catalog text box
    • select from one or more drop-down menus to limit the results returned by
      • Catagory
      • Subject Area
      • Source (training provider)
      • Delivery Method (web based, instructor led)
    • Results list updates automatically as you click the refinements.

    Results and Enrollment Options

    Review the list of search results and locate the desired course:

    • by default, results are displayed alphabetically by course title
    • use the controls directly above the result table to select the number of records per page, and to browse multiple pages
    • hover your cursor above the course title and you can directly request the schedule of an instructor led course (scheduled offering) or add the course to your To-Do List.

    Click the course/curriculum title link to view details about each course, including source and contact information. You can also request a schedule or add the course directly to your To-Do List from the Details screen.

  5. What Subject Areas of training are offered in course catalog?

  6. Along with searching for course titles or keywords, you can search within the Course Catalog for training in the following Subject Areas
    • Administrative Applications (e.g. ATLAS)
    • Animal Care and Use (IACUC)
    • Applications and Technology (e.g. FAST, data warehouse)
    • Compliance (e.g. HIPAA)
    • Financial
    • Financial Applications
    • Health and Safety (e.g. Bloodborne pathogens, radiation safety)
    • Human Resources (e.g. employee relations, new employee/staff training)
    • Human Subject Protections
    • New Employee / Staff Training
    • Professional Development
    • Research
    • Sponsored Projects Administration

  7. Which training providers offer courses in the Knowledge Link catalog?

  8. Many Penn departments, schools, and centers offer required and optional training through Knowledge Link. In the Catalog, you can browse the list of available courses for various course providers by selecting from the Sources drop-down menu.

    Click here for description and contact information for University course providers

  9. What course types are offered in the Knowledge Link catalog?

  10. The following types can be selected in the Knowledge Link course catalog:
    • Instructor-Led/Classroom training, or face-to-face meetings and events
    • Web-based training module (enrollment launches the course in your browser)
    • Curriculum
      • A curriculum in Knowledge Link is a group of related courses on a particular subjects that has a retraining requirement (annually, for example). The components of a curriculum may be either instructor-led or web-based modules/items. Once you enroll in a curriculum, you will see the individual items listed in your Learning Plan.

Instructor-Led (Classroom) Training:

  1. How can I see the dates, times and location of the classroom session(s) I'm signed up for?

  2. For your class information, go to your Learning Plan. Find the class listing and select the arrow key next to ENROLLED. In the drop-down menu, select View Registration. This will take you to the "Registration" screen where you can review the day, time, and location of your class. You can also withdraw from the class on this screen.

  3. How can I switch to a different class section?

  4. If you have registered for a course but need to change to a different scheduled session of a course, locate the course in your Learning Plan and select the arrow key next to ENROLLED. In the drop-down menu, select View Registration, and you can see your current registration in detail. Expand the section called Available Offerings to see what other scheduled offerings there are for your particular course. If you see a convenient offering, check the Available Seats column to make sure there is room. If there are available seats, click the Withdraw button in your current registration. Click the Yes button on the confirmation AND click No to the question "Do you want to remove the associated item from the To-Do List?" You don't want to remove the course, you just want to remove that specific scheduled offering. Now click on the Available Offering that you prefer with available seats. Click Confirm and return to your Home tab and check your Learning Plan for the new scheduled offering.

  5. How does a waitlist work?

  6. If class size is limited for Instructor-Led Training, a waitlist may be available for you to join from the Registration screen if the course has been configured to include the waitlist option. If space opens in the class, you'll be automatically enrolled and notified by email.

    Joining a waitlist:
    • You may add yourself to the waitlist for a particular course by clicking the Waitlist button on the Registration screen.
    • The Waitlist button replaces the Register button in the Action List to the right when there are no more seats available.
    • If space opens on the roster, you will automatically be registered in that section from the waitlist, and sent an email confirmation.
    Checking your waitlist status:
    • Find the course on your Learning Plan, and select the arrow key next to ENROLLED.
    • Click View Registration in the drop-down menu.
    • Check under Status for your position in the waitlist queue. (1/3 means you are the first of 3; 3/3 means you are the third of 3)

Web Based Training:
  1. My online training module won't launch. What's the problem?

  2. An active Pop-up Blocker is the most common thing that prevents online training from displaying. Check your browser settings to be sure that pop-up windows are allowed from Knowledge Link.

    Troubleshooting Steps:

    1. Be sure your computer meets Knowledge Link Minimum Technical Requirements.
    2. Close all other applications on your computer that may be using a significant amount of memory or network resources (such as iTunes, video, etc.).
    3. Make sure you are connected to the internet (wired connection preferred).
    4. Disable Browser Pop-up Blockers, or allow pop-ups from
    5. Clear your browser cache and cookies
      • Internet Explorer: Tools » Delete Browsing History (check "cookies" and "Temporary Internet files") » Delete
      • Firefox Current Version: Menu icon (3 horizontal lines on top right) » History » Clear Recent History » Everything (check "cookies" and "cache") » Clear Now
      • Safari: Safari » Reset Safari (check "empty the cache" and "remove cookies") » Reset
    6. Completely shut down your browser (close all windows) and relaunch it
    7. Log into Knowledge Link and retry your training module

  3. Why is Penn Profiler showing up as incomplete?

  4. Penn Profiler works by sending a completion message every four hours: 4:00, 8:00, and 12:00 AM and PM. Until one of these times occurs your Penn Profiler will show up as incomplete.

    Courses assigned by Penn Profiler are handed out on a similar schedule. They are assigned every two hours at 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00, and 12:00 both AM and PM.

  5. What version of Flash do I need to complete training in my web browser?

  6. Flash Player is no longer required. If you are presented with an Adobe Flash message, please submit a ticket indicating which course is giving you the error.

  7. When I launch my course, I get a blank or frozen screen. What's wrong?

  8. This course may be created with Flash. Flash Player is no longer supported. If you are presented with an Adobe Flash message, please submit a ticket indicating which course is giving you the error and the training provider will be notified ASAP.

  9. Can I begin web-based training and return to it later?

  10. If you launch an online training class, you can click "Save and Exit" to record your progress and return to the course at a later time. If you do not see a "Save and Exit" button, the course has not been set up to allow bookmarking. In this case, it is recommended that you complete the course in a single sitting.

  11. I completed my on-line training but it is still listed as "incomplete" in my training record. What to do?

  12. First, be sure you are using a supported computer platform and browser for Knowledge Link.

    Troubleshooting steps:

    1) Clear your browser cache and cookies

    • Internet Explorer: Tools » Delete Browsing History (check "cookies" and "Temporary Internet files") » Delete
    • Firefox: Menu icon (3 horizontal lines, top right) » History » Clear Recent History » Everything (check "cookies" and "cache") » Clear Now
    • Safari: Safari » Reset Safari (check "empty the cache" and "remove cookies") » Reset
    2) Completely shut down your web browser (close all windows) and relaunch it
    3) Close other applications on your computer that may be using a lot of memory or network resources (such as iTunes, etc.)
    4) Log back into Knowledge Link and re-enter the course by clicking the ‘Go to Content’ button for the course on your Learning Plan screen
    5) Resume the course, and navigate to the end; take (or repeat) the final quiz
    6) After completing the course content as instructed, close the course window, and then wait until the main Knowledge Link window refreshes. You should then see the course listed as “complete” in your Completed Work.

    Occasionally, the connection between an online training course and the Knowledge Link Learning Management System (LMS) can be lost due to a network disruption or a bottleneck in system resources. If you completed a module but Knowledge Link has not recorded that fact correctly, please contact the training department or course owner and notify them of the problem.

    TIP: Many online courses present you with a "Save and Exit" button which allows you to save your progress in the course and resume it later. In longer courses, it is a good idea to save and resume after you have spent some time in the course. That way, if a disruption occurs, you will be able to return to the course at the last "saved" point.

Report issues and request Knowledge Link help