Searching for users in a particular organization

1. Search for your organization by code.

Using Starts With, you can find related organizations

  1. Under the Admin tab...
  2. Click Users
  3. Search by Organization code if you have it
  4. Click Search

1.1 I don't have the option of searching by Organization. How do I add that?

  1. Select Add/Remove Criteria
  2. Check the Organizations box and click Select

1.2 What if I don't know the organization code? Search for the organization with the Organizations funnel:

1.3 Search by description or other information to find Organizations

1.4 Check the desired Organizations, click Add to Filter, and Submit Filter

2. To retrieve the users, click Download Search Results and get an Excel spreadsheet

3. The spreadsheet will have all the users' data, including IDs, supervisors, status, organiation, etc.

Using these Users to assign training? create a comma separated file using our directions