Publishing your content for the LMS using Articulate 360

Be prepared for future edits: Save your .story files to a shared space with your team

Remember, when you publish your files as zip files, they are no longer able to be edited by others. Before you publish your completed content, get in the habit of saving a .story file to a shared drive, Penn+Box or similar so that your team is always able to update your course if needed.

  1. Save .story files to a shared space. Penn+Box is our recommendation.
  2. Share the file with your team so all will have access.

1. Click Publish to access the publishing options for your course content

In Powerpoint and other applications this will be under the Articulate tab.

2. Choose the "LMS" option in the publication dialogue box.

  1. Give your training module a title and description
  2. Choose destination to save your published file.

3. Configure Properties to HTML5

  1. Change the format to  HTML5/Flash.
  2. Check Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS and Android. Allow downloading for offline viewing isn’t currently supported for LMS content.
  3. Click OK

4. Click Storyline Player to configure Player settings

5. Configure the Player settings to default to fill screen

  1. Click Storyline Player
  2. Click Other
  3. For Player Size, change to Scale player to fill browser window
  4. Click OK

6. Click Tracking to configure the Reporting/Tracking area

7. Configure the Tracking Options

Note: You will only need to follow either step 1 or 2 below, not both

  1. If tracking by number of slides viewed, select the appropriate radio button and enter minimum number of slides.
  2. If tracking via quiz results, select the appropriate radio button and choose which results slide you would like to report results.
  3. Click OK

8. Click Reporting

9. Configure your Reporting settings

  1. Select LMS: AICC format
  2. Change the Filename(URL) to index_lms.html by deleting the beginning of the URL.
  3. Change the LMS Reporting status to Completed/incomplete
  4. Click OK

10. Review all settings and click "Publish.” Storyline will now publish your training module to the destination you chose.

11. Now retrieve your new ZIP file

12. Save your Zip