Publishing to Articulate 360 Review

1. In an Articulate Tool (Storyline, Studio, Replay etc.), select Publish from the ribbon:

2. Select Articulate 360 from the menu on the left

Note: Articulate 360 = Articulate Review

3. If this is the first revision it will default to Create a new Item. You can edit the title here. If you have previously published this project to Review, you can publish a new version.

Articulate Review does use version control so you can look at old versions of the same item you publish there.

4. Select the correct format as HTML 5 with Flash Fallback (Recommended)

Click the Formats setting to open up the Publish Formats below and select HTML5/Flash

5. Edit your Presenter player if necessary. Otherwise, click Publish

6. When it's complete, click View Presentation to get a link and open the course in a preview.

7. Copy the link from the address bar and share the link with your team to review the content

Tip: people can make comments on the sidebar to specific slides and you can "Resolve them" or ask clarifying questions on these comments to create a converation.