How to Run a Scheduled Offering Roster Report

This report checks for items or curricula that users need to complete.

1. Click the Reports button from the Admin tab to get started.

2. Scroll down to the Scheduled Offering Roster.

Note: If you do not see Scheduled Offering Roster, try searching by keyword in the upper left, or check/uncheck the boxes to see more reports. You may have a previous selection saved.

3. Pick Penn Scheduled Offering Roster (CSV).

Not familiar with .csv files? Don't worry! They all open in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs

4. You will now see a prompt to run PENN Scheduled Offering Roster (CSV).

The top options are settings for the output format. You can typically leave these as default.

5. Your search options are below.

  1. Scheduled Offering = Session by ID
  2. Registration Status = Enrolled, Waitlisted, Cancelled, Pending

6. To select a Scheduled Offering, Click the blue funnel

If you know the ID(s), please paste it in the box.

6.1 If you are looking for courses from one provider you can search by Item ID (Starts With).

6.2 If you know the ID for a single Item to report, please paste it in the Item ID box.

Course IDs are formatted like UP.COURSEOWNER.ITEM.COURSEID

6.3 If you are looking for courses by name, use the Item Title box, change the menu to Contains and search by keyword

This helps when you don't know the exact course title.

7. Click Search

Use the calendar menus to select a date for From and To. Typically people search a date range, or limit to the next 30 or 90 days.

8. Select the Scheduled Offering, Add to Filter, and click Submit Filter

9. Your Scheduled Offering will now be selected.

10. Select which Registration Statuses to include and click Run Report

11. The report will run. Keep the window open.

When it reads "Succeeded", check your downloads folder for the report.

12. Open your report.csv in Excel or another program to view it.