How to Give Credit with Record Learning Tool

A user emails saying that she has completed a web-based item but it does not show as completed in Knowledge Link. She includes a screen shot of the final slide with the successful completion message as proof of completion. The Admin needs to find the item and complete it which then gives the user credit

1. Navigate to the Record Learning - Multiple tool

  1. Select Learning Admin from the Learning menu.
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Tools
  4. Select Record Learning - Multiple

2. Search for the Item ID(s) with the wizard

Click the magnifying glass to search for your items

3. Search for your items and select them

Search and click the Add checkbox to select items. Then click Add button

4. The items will now be on the left already selected. Click the magnifying glass to search for Users.

Note: See our directions for how to create a comma separated file for many users.

5. Select your users by checking their boxes and clicking Add

6. Click Next once you have your items and users selected

7. Select your Completion status. The default we use is COURSE-COMPLETE. Click Apply Changes

If you are granting credit from CHOP training or exemption for someone, you may be selecting a different completion status.

8. Click Next

9. Double-check your completions and click Submit

10. You will receive a confirmation