How to Give Credit for Scheduled Offerings

This covers how to update a roster, give credit, and close a scheduled offering

Update the roster

1. Select your item:

  1. Select Learning Admin from the Learning menu.
  2. Click Learning, and Scheduled Offering
  3. Search for your Scheduled Offering with a keyword or exact title or ID. If it's an older offering, remember to adjust the dates.
  4. Select your item

2. To modify the list of users, hover over the user and click Remove User.

Do this until you have removed all those who did not attend.

3. If someone is signed in who did not register, click the green plus sign next to Add User to add them to the list of registrees.

4. Search for your user.

If you want more search options select Add/Remove Criteria (this is helpful for searching by Organizations or Job Codes).

5. To search for multiple users by ID, select Any by User ID and paste the IDs in separated by commas.

Note: See our directions for how to create a comma separated file for many users.

6. When you have your list of users, check the Add boxes next to your users, and click Add.

7. Once your roster of Enrolled users reflects your attendance, click Record Learning

8. Double-check your list and click Next

9. To grant completion to all, select COURSE-COMPLETE under Apply Default Status

10. Click Apply

11. Click Next. Confirm the pricing and click Next again.

12. Now click Finish to grant completion to all.

13. Now that you are done granting completions, click Close the Scheduled Offering

14. Click Next, Next again, and Finish