How to Enroll/Withdraw Users from a Scheduled Offering

This covers how to register and drop users (enroll/withdraw) from instructor-led trainings.

Enrolling Users (Adding): Start at your Item

1. Select your item:

  1. Navigate to Learning Admin
  2. Click Learning
  3. Search for your item with a keyword or exact title or ID
  4. Select your item

2. Click Scheduled Offerings and select the session

3. Click the green plus sign next to Add User

4. Search for your user.

If you want more search options select Add/Remove Criteria (this is helpful for searching by Organizations or Job Codes).

5. To search for multiple users by ID, select Any by User ID and paste the IDs in separated by commas.

Note: See our directions for how to create a comma separated file for many users.

6. When you have your list of users, check the Add boxes next to your users, and click Add.

7. If you receive a message that registration has exceeded the maximum, Select No and contact the course instructor.

Withdrawing users (Dropping): Start at Registration

8. Hover over the user and click Modify

9. Change the Status to Cancelled and click Save