How to Configure a New Item

After requesting a new item, you will receive a confirmation email from us that it has been created and is ready to be configured. Here's how to configure your new item.

1. Navigate to Learning Administration with the Learning menu at the top.

2. Search for your new item:

  1. Click Learning
  2. Search for your item with a keyword or exact title or ID. When searching for part of a title or ID, make sure to change the drop-down to Contains.
  3. Select your item

3. Click View All to edit Additional Settings

3.1 Check that the item title is the same as you requested: Click and type to edit

3.2 To edit or add a Description, click Edit and use the HTML box.

3.3 Summary and Extended Summary:

  1. Assignment Type: Optional or Required (Select Required if it will ever have to be required)
  2. Length: Total time of the class in hours
  3. Max Registration: Maximum of how many people can register. Once reached, waitlist may be activated.

3.4 Process control:

  1. Enable Users to Waitlist: Yes or No
  2. Supervisor can record Learning/User can record Learning Event: Leave as the default "No".
  3. Auto Fill Registration: Setting to Yes means that users are automatically moved to Registered as room becomes available.

3.5 Click Save

4. Add your new Item to Catalog

When items are in the university catalog, users can access to self-assign and enroll.

4.1 Under Related, Click Catalogs

4.2 Click the plus sign to add the Catalog

4.3 Click Search and select the University Catalog

Check Add Schedules to allow users to self-register for future scheduled offerings

5. Add Prerequisites (Optional)

  1. Select Prerequisites
  2. Click the Create New Group button and name the course group (this creates a track of courses that might lead to your present course)
  3. Search for the course(s)
  4. Check the Add box for each prerequisite
  5. Click Add to finish the process

6. Add Subject Areas to the New Item

  1. Click Subject Areas
  2. Click the green plus sign
  3. Check the Add boxes for your desired subject areas
  4. Click Add