How to Configure a New Curriculum

After requesting a new curriculum, you will receive a confirmation email from us that it has been created and is ready to be configured. Here's how to configure your new curriculum.

1. Search for your new curriculum:

  1. Select Learning Admin
  2. Click Learning
  3. Click Curricula
  4. Search for yours by ID
  5. Select your curriculum below.

2. Edit the title and description if needed:

3. Add Content to your curriculum

4. Click the green + button to add items

5. Search and add the items you need

6. Edit the settings for your items

We recommend consulting the Knowledge Link team and testing in Test-stage first before configuring curricula in production.

In this example the item is due 30 days after assignment, and due again every year.

6.1 Tip: Effective Date and having Assignment Type be Required allows you to run Curriculum Item Status.

Without either, the curriculum will always show as complete

7. Add your new Curriculum to Catalog if users will self-assign.

When curricula are in the university catalog, users can access to self-assign and enroll.

7.1 Under Related, Click Catalogs and the + button

7.2 Click Search and select the University Catalog

Check Add Items to allow users to access the individual items

8. Add Subject Areas to the New Curriculum (Optional)

  1. Click Subject Areas
  2. Click the green plus sign
  3. Check the boxes for your desired subject areas
  4. Click Add