How to Assign an Item or Curriculum to a single user


You can do this from the User or Item/Curriculum details.

1. From the User: Find the user you wish to assign items to.

1.1 Under Actions, Click Assign Learning

1.2 Select what you need to add. In this example, we select Add Item and click Next

1.3 Now browse to find the Item you need to add

1.4 Search for your item

If you don't have the options shown, click the Add/Remove Criteria arrow and select your desired search fields

1.5 Check the item and click add

1.6 Click Add to select your User and click Next

2. From the Item: Find the item you need to assign

  1. Go to the Admin tab
  2. Select Learning
  3. Search for your item
  4. Select it from the list

2.1 Under the Actions area, click Assign

2.2 Add a user with the add one or more from list link.

2.3 Proceed with finding a user

2.4 When you've found the person, check and click Add

3. Now that you have selected both your User and Item, click Next

4. Confirm the assignment type and assignment date; click Next

Assign. Type can be changed to Optional or Required.

5. You will now confirm your user and item. Run Job Now.

The Required date is the due date and can be altered here.

6. Finished!

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