Broadcasting your Knowledge Link Instructor-Led Training to a Remote Audience

1. Obtain access to a remote teaching tool

The following remote teaching tools are used on campus and may be available in your organization. To get more information about using these tools please contact your Local Service Provider:

  1. Blue Jeans - HIPAA Compliant - Currently available to anyone with a pennkey
  2. Zoom
  3. Microsoft Teams - Not all schools and centers support teams. Please ensure that participants have access before using this option.

2. Getting Ready to Use Remote Teaching Tools

  • Before attempting to use these tools, make sure the operating system and internet browser on your device are on the latest versions. These tools will work best when systems are up-to-date.
  • If you require a live video, make sure you have a web-cam that is compatible with the equipment you intend the use at home. The cameras built into laptops are generally not effective for more than displaying the presenter's face.  
  • Due to high demand some platforms and tools may not work perfectly. To check system status, visit Penn's system status page.

3. Scheduling and adding the remote class to a Knowledge Link class

  1. Schedule the correct time and date for your ILT in the remote teaching application
    1. Blue Jeans
    2. Zoom
    3. Teams
  2. Obtain the direct link/dial-in information for participants from the remote teaching application
    1. Blue Jeans
    2. Zoom
    3. Teams - Information is included in automatic calendar invite

4. Select the Facility as 0000-VIRTUAL. Then select your tool as the Location

This will help remind attendees the session is online when registering and the format will display in the automatic notifications.

If you are using a different tool not listed, please leave the location unselected for now and notify

5. To share the link details, you can paste the information in the Class or Agenda description or both.

  • If you need to restrict access to this class, paste the link info in the description after the registration cut off or just before your session. Resend the Registration Notification and folks who've registered will get your link details (Use the Actions menu)
  • If you rely on .ics calendar files that come in these notifications, add your information also to the Agenda description
  • It's also thorough to run a Class Roster (CSV) report and BCC your attendees to cover all bases

5.1 Paste the direct link in the course description for the specific class and click Save.

You can keep the current description and add the link at the end.

5.2 Add the link to the agenda description and it will come as a part of the attached calendar file (Optional)

5.3 Add the link and details to the Description box here.

6. Distributing Class Materials

If you have documents or class materials we recommend posting them to a folder in Penn+Box and then adding a shared link to the description of your class.

7. Taking Attendance

On the date your course will take place, click the Roster button in the class and download the class roster. Once the class begins, remember to take attendance so that you can give credit and close out the class the conclusion of the class.

When you're done scheduling, the user sees the location as virtual on their learning plan:

They can click the title to View Registration or use the menu to View.

They can click through and see the link in the details page as well:

KL notifications will include the class description which includes the link:

If you've also included a box link to documents, it will send that as well.

If you put the link and info in the agenda description, it will be in the attachment calendar file.