Acknowledging Documents in Knowledge Link

1. Select the course or click its direct link and click Start Course:

If you already have it assigned, skip to step 2.

2. Click Start Course to begin.

3. A pop up window should appear with the document framed inside.

For help if it doesn't pop up, please see here for assistance, or contact your local IT Support Provider.

4. If the document doesn't seem to load in the window, please click the link at the bottom of the window that reads:

"If you are unable to scroll, click here to open the document in a new window"

5. Then use the new window to scroll and read the document:

6. Depending on your browser settings, you can then navigate back to the pop-up window and click your choice:

Note: in some older browsers it takes a second to register. Please click your choice and wait for it to reload/refresh. If you seleced Agree and it has not registered as complete, please try again.

7. You can also navigate to the parent window and click Launch Again:

Still having issues seeing the document? See if another internet browser works for you:

We recommend Chrome and Firefox. If you have tried another browser and it hasn't worked, please reach out to:

You can now navigate to your Completed work and print a certificate if necessary or review the content. (Optional)

This is optional.

Use the printer icon to the right or hover over the course title for options (Optional)

NOTE: Reviewing the content from your Completed Work does not count as another completion. To Opt In again, please use the same direct link you were given.